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  • Yupa Sathienpabayut

    Yupa Sathienpabayut  

    Head of Office Leasing

    Yupa is the Head of Office Leasing and has a wealth of experience in transaction management and consultancy, encompassing occupational strategies and negotiation. Managing one of Thailand’s most experienced office leasing teams, Yupa drives the team’s performance that has significantly contributed to JLL’s business growth in Thailand.

  • Phoompat Somviwatchai

    Phoompat Somviwatchai  

    Senior Director

    Phoompat has vast experience in both Tenant and Landlord representation. His personality and skills enable him to work closely with clients to deliver optimal results. Phoompat also has extensive knowledge in the flex sector and can navigate clients to find the ideal solution.

  • Thananun (Tony) Ruengveeravich

    Thananun (Tony) Ruengveeravich  

    Senior Director, Tenant Representation

    Thananun has over ten years of experience, specializing in Tenant Representation. He is highly skilled in running financial analysis and relating results to business objectives, and well-versed with best practice systems and processes required by MNCs. His main responsibility is to provide occupational strategy advice and negotiate on behalf of clients

  • Aukit Pronpattanapairoj

    Aukit Pronpattanapairoj  

    Senior Manager

    Aukit is skilled at analyzing the terms and conditions in agreements and handles them deftly to maximize client satisfaction. He has developed a deep understanding of tenants’ interest and motivations, to leaverage negotiations with prospective Landlords.